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Often we get in contact with website owners who are not content with their website, though they spent lots of money and time to build it. Why is that such a common occurrence?

Some of the main reasons are:

  • misleading communication between programmer and website owner
  • missing technical knowledge, but much more often missing knowledge about the branch of business of the website owner by the programmer
  • unreasonably high expectations by the website owner about the possibilities of the new website
  • the missing understanding of the website owner, that the website only is and can be the first step into the internet. Further steps necessarily have to follow.
  • It is necessary to realise, what goals the website has before starting with the programming.
    Therefore answer the following questions to specify the approximate outcome:

  • Do you want a business card to show or do you want to get into dialogue with your customers?
  • Is the content of the website static with only small changes or should customers be able to select and eventually even contribute to the content of the website?
  • Do you want to engage your customers to buy on your website or do you want to provide only the background information to your products?
  • What possibilities does your products give you to engage your customers online and provide them with additional advantages?
  • Is the content you can provide able to get and hold the attention of your customers or do you eventually have to find additional incentives?
  • Do you have the rights of and for all your provided material?
  • This is only a small amount of questions to make the decision for you easier of what you expect from a website.
    It is essential to answer those questions, as the internet provides you with a vast amount of possibilities. Not all of the possibilities will fit to your offers, your branch of business or your customer expectations.