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Creative Web Projects often gets questions how best to present one’s company or business website in the internet.
For small and middle sized businesses and self employed this question is of the utmost importance, because the relatively high costs for a website and online-advertisements must directly lead to measurable results.
Big companies mostly have high budgets and can try out ways how best to reach customers. Small businesses do not have budgets to experiment. Here every penny must lead to a result.
To always find the right way is not such an easy task with all the different options online. Especially in the wide area of social media and social marketing a direct measurement of results often is difficult.
Web presentations also need to be adjusted to:

  • the branch
  • the products / the service offered
  • the market position of the company (market leader / competition)
  • the targeted group
  • the region
  • the social and political surrounding

This new blog by Creative Web Projects wants to help in these difficult market positions and especially collects tips and tricks for small and middle sized businesses.
Please feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, feedback and comments.
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Roswitha Gerhart
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