The creative way to be online …

Especially in the tourism and hotel business not all companies have their own website.
You will surely ask, how can that be, when today nearly every company has its own website?
But there are alternatives which sometimes cover the goals of a company better than an individual website could.
In the hotel business there are a lot of service platforms online, which get more customer traffic and better search results for the individual participating company.
A similar concept is the online optimised presentation of courses and events by Creative-Holiday.
Telephone and branch registers are to be counted among the alternatives for a website.
Helpful also are for example portals for online press releases, e.g.:
What advantages does an own website have in comparison to those offers?

  • your content can be presented in your individual way
  • you are independent of the regulations of other platforms
  • your website can show its own individual character
  • the user should get advantages, other platforms do not offer (e.g. more background information)
  • your website keeps the contact with existing customers and should provide them with the needed information
  • the website should offer customers advantages for their loyalty

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